What is a Church Plant?


A chuch is “planted” in a community to serve the spirit, soul and body needs of its people through Gods Kingdom expansion model of houses of prayer and worship.  While some churches sprout up spontaneously, most are intentionally planted.  Epic Life Community intends to plant a churches in Wichita, Kansas.

What is Prelaunch?

Before a Church has official members, leadership, a building and is known publicly by a community it must first be “planted”.  The “planting” process is considered in “pre-launch” until a public proclamation of the church’s establishment. This time is one in which the Lead Pastor and a launch team determine a mission, methods and vision for a community that will be served by the upcoming church. Determining the preliminaries and gathering the team is all a part of pre-launch.

Can I still Attend?

Anyone and everyone is both welcome and invited to come and attend during the pre-launch phase.  In fact, it is encouraged! A healthy church plant waits until it has a critical mass of people before it moves from pre-launch to the public launch phase.

Attenders have no obligation or responsibilities.  Come enjoy the spiritual food and fellowship as we journey towards an official plant.  Keep in mind there will be many changes during pre-launch and it won’t be like a “traditional” church in facilities and amenities yet.  The best part is, as an early attender you get to help shape what the plant will become!

Can I do more to help?

YES! you can become an official part of the launch team.  You can take on responsibilities, you can serve in various capacities and use your gifts ad talents to help in the pre-launch process. Visit This Page To Join The Launch Team!