“If we fall short, let it be said of us that we failed because we dreamed too big, tried too hard, believed too greatly, compromised too little, prayed too long, and sacrificed too much. Let it be said of us that we were fools for Christ, foolish enough, in fact, to have trusted God for the impossible. We are interested in nothing less.” – Dr. Earl Creps

At Epic Life Community Church we have come to some conclusions about ministry. We are not alone in these conclusions. Ministry leaders from around the world are coming to the same conclusions. The words that follow are born of the Spirit and have been given to many ministries through-out the world. Thus we have permission to incorporate the following statements into the beliefs of Epic Life Community Church

You must understand the context with which these words resonate within our spirit. They are not a reaction to anything other than the place where our heart is today. They are not meant as criticism of any church. They are not meant as a platform to speak out against any ministry or individual. These conclusions are solely for the purpose of presenting the battle that we are engaged in together, ONE BODY IN UNITY and ONE BRIDE.

  • We have concluded that teaching the Word without demonstrating it is not enough. Good teaching, good doctrine and being good people is not enough.
  • We have concluded that good fellowship and being a good member is not enough.
  • We have concluded that good Bible studies and good small groups is not enough.
  • We have concluded that just making it to heaven is not our goal, and that knowing about God without truly knowing and experiencing God is meaningless.
  • We have concluded that change without transformation is intolerable and that staying the same is not an option.
  • We have concluded that gifting without character is worthless.
  • We have concluded that singing songs without worshiping is hollow.
  • We have concluded that having meetings without God showing up is pointless.
  • We have concluded that having faith without works is not enough and having works without love is not acceptable; that our response or function is out of revelation of the relationship with the Father and then with each other.
  • We have concluded that reading the book of Acts or about the book of Acts without experiencing it is unthinkable.
  • We have concluded that hearing about the Holy Spirit without experiencing Him is pointless, that believing in His presence without seeing it manifested in signs and wonders is empty.
  • We have concluded that we must be Holy Spirit filled, Holy Spirit led, and Holy Spirit empowered anything less is not enough.
  • We have concluded that we want to be the ones telling the stories of God’s power, not the ones hearing about them.
  • We have concluded that living saved, but not supernatural is living below our privilege and short of what Christ died for.
  • We have concluded that we are a battleship, not a cruise ship, an army, not an audience, special forces not spectators, missionaries not club members.
  • We have concluded that we are both pioneers and settlers, not squatters (people who take up space without having fought for it or improving it.)
  • We have concluded that we are to be contagious instead of quarantined.
  • We have concluded that we are to be radical lovers and outrageous givers.
  • We have concluded that we are to be a mission outreach and not a museum.

Because of those conclusions:

  • We honor the past but we don’t live in it.
  • We live in the present with our eyes on the future.
  • We view past events successes and failures – as stepping stones not stop signs.
  • We pursue learning to be transformed not just in order to know.
  • We are people of engagement not observation.
  • We focus on what could be and not on what has been.
  • We are not limited or restricted by the walls of any building. Our influence is not restricted by location.
  • The measure of our effectiveness or our success is not in how many people pass through our location but how many lives are transformed. We are concerned by how many we send into the world not how many come to our location.
  • We help raise up world changers not tour guides.
  • We view each day, not as good or bad, but as a day of grace.
  • We are a people of our destiny not our history.
  • We have concluded that we would rather reach for impossible and fail than succeed by settling for less.
  • We have concluded that nothing less than Thy Kingdom come, His will be done in our world as it is in heaven will satisfy.

This path is a path of liberty, freedom, and healing. On this path you find significance, purpose and destiny. It is the path less traveled, yet it is not a path that is only available to a select few.

Regardless of where you are in your journey there is room for you on this path.

Welcome to your new Epic Life!