How Long Will Our Planting Process Take?

Healthy church planting is a 12-18 month process!
(The process may be shortened or lengthened when necessary as circumstances dictate.)

Epic Life Community Church is


Follow us as we progress in expanding God’s Kingdom in Wichita.  Better yet, JOIN US!

PHASE I July 2014 First 4 to 5 months:
Distribute Fliers & Gather People

  1. Complete web site and establish cell phone for voice mail before starting. COMPLETED
  2. Distribute flyers not necessarily speaking to people – have them make contact first because it shows interest on their part.IN PROGRESS
  3. Facebook, Youtube & Radio Ads- have them make contact first because it shows interest on their part.IN PROGRESS
  4. Prayer Walks as you grow your team. NEXT UP 
  5. Start Prelaunch Gatherings, Studies, Prayer & Worship meetings. NEXT UP
  6. Keep making relational connections every month IN PROGRESS

PHASE II November/December/January 2015 Two Informational Meetings:
Visiting Contacts, Networking, and Setting Direction

  1. Secure a place to meet for 200 people; can use another meeting place for informational meetings; recommend not using homes. (NEXT UP)
  2. Wichita Area Outreach Creative Ministry (musical? play? cantada?)  (TBA)
  3. 1st informational meeting:  Cast vision, explain ethos and EFCA connections and commitments.  You do not want any surprises in the processes.  Invite back in two to three weeks; then visit people that came out inviting them to stay with the new vision and church. (TBA)
  4. 2nd informational meeting: Cast vision, explain timeline, present values and process for disciple making.  Must answer the question, “why another church is needed?”  What makes you different then other churches?  Answer the “what’s and where’s!” (TBA)

PHASE III Training Services:
Casting Vision & Foundational Truths (8 to 12 weeks)

  1. Teach Values for understanding IN PROGRESS
  2. Begin gathering events by fun events. IN PROGRESS
  3. Begin light worship when you meet weekly IN PROGRESS
  4. Define critical ministries NEXT UP
  5. Leadership Huddles & Training should be well underway at this point NEXT UP
  6. People encouraged to invite others IN PROGRESS
  7. Talk about Mission often! IN PROGRESS
  8. Explain process for making disciples – what is your defined pathway? IN PROGRESS
  9. Equip attendees to function with the pathway toward reproducing their lives. NEXT UP

PHASE IV Preview Services:
Relational Networking & Establishing Ministry Activities (6 to 9 months)

  1. Ministries develop and in place. (TBA)
  2. Weekly or monthly preview services but meet every week on Sunday morning.  Many pre-Christians believe church is Sunday morning. (Easter? TBA)
  3. Continue fyier distribution, prayer walks, and people continue inviting people. (TBA)
  4. Ongoing fun events for gathering. (TBA)

PHASE V  Christmas 2015 Public Launch:
Launching & announcing the new church

  1. Begin to work the plan and pathway continuing and seeing lives transformed. (TBA)
  2. Continue gathering and connecting events. Have fun! (TBA)
  3. Make sure the pastor/planter is delegating and releasing others to “do” ministry as God leads them. (TBA)

(Public Launch let’s the community know we are here.  Continuing to develop ministries & develop people through Disciple & Church Multiplication Pathway)