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Church Vision

Epic Life Community Church exists to REACH non-believing people, CONNECT them with other Christians to help them GROW in their faith and KNOW they’re position as children of God; To challenge their growth and help them DISCOVER their ministry so they will HONOR God with their lives while walking on the path of their DESTINY

Our various ministries seek to accomplish a practical understanding and working of seven basic precepts or dimensions within the church life of the believer: evangelism, fellowship, discipleship, Sonship, ministry, worship and calling.

Church Identity:

Epic Life Community Church is a cross-cultural community of authentic believers dedicated to helping each other experience the abundant life promised by Jesus through God’s ordained plans and purposes.

Mission Statement:

Help all people to discover their purpose, live life abundantly and experience their destiny.


Epic Life Community Church desires to make disciples in a healthy church environment.

ELCC exists to empower all people to fulfill their destiny by living a God-filled lifestyle with Jesus as the source and center of all things. ELCC does this by training healthy leaders and duplicating itself in order to multiply and magnify its efforts, replace itself and further the agenda of the Kingdom of God.

Epic Life Community Church believes that reproduction is at the core of Christian DNA. Therefore we have a goal of planting at least 10 additional congregations or venues within the first 10 years of existence and to continue planting until Jesus returns.

ELCC desires to impact culture on behalf of the Kingdom of God and will therefore always utilize modern arts and media to the fullest extent possible in order to do so.