Guiding Principles:

God has called Epic Life Community Church to live out the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20) by being “fishers of men” and making all people disciples of Jesus and teaching them to do the same.

By LIVING a life full of Jesus, and practically applying God’s word in our own lives, we will be able to reach out to each other without pretense, and share the experiences, successes, burdens and failures that come with living a lifestyle of faith.  Avoiding religiosity, we will strive to always be real with one another and encourage each other to discover and fulfill our own individual and collective God given destiny.

At ELCC we are deliberately diverse and accommodate people representing any and all, ethnic, social, economic and ability backgrounds. We believe there is a difference in simply saying we “do not reject” a specific group and actually making an effort to welcome that group.

ELCC welcomes all people regardless of their past history or background, just as Christ would do, for as long as they desire a deeper, closer and more authentic relationship with God and His People.

ELCC believes that EVERYONE is a minister and therefore is a church full of ministers who are directed by healthy, trained leaders.

ELCC Believes that God does not desire to simply touch people’s lives with spiritual encounters, but that God seeks to TRANSFORM the entire lifestyle of every Human Being to reflect the values of His Kingdom using His written Word, The Holy Bible, as an infallible and inerrant instruction guide.

The Bible shows us the original church body of Christ was founded in a prayer meeting (Acts 6:4), so therefore prayer, along with teaching God’s word, shall always be a primary focus of ELCC

ELCC wants to help people experience Godly transformation in all 8 sides of their lives (spiritual, financial, mental, physical, emotional, sexual, family and social).

ELCC desires to create a healthy church environment designed to strengthen, encourage, equip, train and build up individuals.

ELCC seeks to transform the lives of individuals and equip families so they can make a KINGDOM IMPACT on Society.

There are 4 spheres of life. ELCC trains and equips people to operate successfully in each sphere.

There four spheres of life (individual, family, church and society).

There are 8 Sides to Every Person.  ELCC equips people to line up each side with God’s word.

There are 4 sides that deal with a Persons Relationship With God: Spiritual, Financial, Mental and Physical.  There are 4 sides that deal with a Persons Relationship with other People: Emotional, Sexual, Family and Social.  ELCC believes that God describes how to handle these sides in a fruitful and fulfilling way in His Word.

There are 7 Dimensions to Christian Life and the church plays a major role in them all.

Our various ministries seek to accomplish a practical understanding and working of seven basic precepts or dimensions within the life of the believer

The Seven Dimensions of Christianity are: Evangelism, Fellowship, Discipleship,  Sonship, Worship, Ministry and Calling. Respectively, these seven dimensions have to do with REACHING, CONNECTING, TEACHING, KNOWING, HONORING, GROWING and DESTINY. We operate in all dimensions simultaneously and must understand what God says about them in order to fulfill the purposes and plans God has for us.

ELCC uses EVANGELISM to REACH non-believing people for Christ, FELLOWSHIP to CONNECT them with other Christians to help them GROW in their faith through DISCIPLESHIP and KNOW they’re SONSHIP position as children of God; To challenge their growth and help them DISCOVER their ministry through WORSHIP so they will HONOR God with their lives in MINISTRY while walking on the path of their CALLING to their DESTINY