People are often let down by “cliques” or “arm’s length” relationships that show up in churches.

Is there a cure for this?  THERE IS!  And we practice it at Epic Life Community.

We believe in true PRACTICAL application of God’s word and actual Life-on-Life Relationships.

We do this through a unique way of doing church.

1) Focus on Depth.

We don’t have a half dozen services each with a different topic all week long.  No more confusing messages, no more forgetting what God is saying to you from week to week.

We have ONE MESSAGE for the weekend, and then discuss that message further in our Life Groups during the week.  This helps you go deeper into Gods word (meat!) and helps you connect with others to grow in your relationship to other believers.

2) Focus on Each Other

Our life groups are not the typical “small groups”.  There is no empty chair, no pressure to “evangelize” and “grow the church” through your group.  Most importantly we never force you to “break away” into smaller groups soon as your group starts to gel and get intimate.

If we truly care about one another, I can not let you go through a crisis alone.  I can’t wait for you to call me.  I can’t watch your life fall apart.  My “stock” response should not be “I will pray for you”.  If I really love you, if we are really family, I will be involved before, during and after you need help from someone.

Our life groups are designed to allow people to open up and be real with one another.  Most importantly, they are designed to help people experience an Epic Abundant Life together.

We are CALLED to CARE!

This is not a NEW concept.  It has worked all around the country for 3 dacades.  Churches that do this grow rapidly, maintain intimacy no matter the size (even at 7000 members), members get a deeper walk with God and never leave due to not feeling fed and rarely if ever is there a church split.

At Epic Life Commnunity Church we have a commitment to connect to GOD and EACH OTHER!

Pastor Moe touches on this in the video below.